About Us

Welcome to our online shop! Located in the United Kingdom, KVGP Clothescessories is a family owned independent store created exclusively for online shopping. High street stores are becoming less and less a thing of existence so launching KVGP Clothescessories is a way of reaching out to customers from the comfort of their homes.

At KVGP Clothescessories we bring together a wide collection of shoes, clothing, apparels, and accessories at affordable prices to accommodate every pocket. Whether you are going to a wedding, looking for something sporty, or simply want something casual for a picnic or to wear in the house, KVGP Clothescessories is proud to serve you. Our customers have no need to worry as we constantly seek to bring them up to date genuine good quality products at reasonable prices to give them a unique shopping experience.

Our Story

 KVGP Clothescessories is created to honour the founder’s mother and keep her legacy alive. Launched in 2018, KVGP Clothescessories was founded from the proprietor’s passion for selling which she inherited from her own mother’s dedication to providing a superb approach to retailing and an affordable shopping experience to her customers. That is why the level of service, quality and the value of our products are exactly what you would expect from KVGP Clothescessories. We provide an excellent customer care, top quality products, low prices and postage, a first-rate no-hassle purchase process, and speedy deliveries.